Amazing Astrid outside in white stockings and a garter belt and red shoes

July 25th, 2014

For me stockings is one of the sexiest things that a man can see, or get a glimpse of. I think it is the combination of feminine silky lace in black or white in contrast to a smooth flesh leg that gets the heart beat racing and a certain area excited. Its a real fetish of mine and whenever I am out and about I wonder who is wearing and who is not. But Amazing Astrid is certainly wearing stockings today, we can see because she has very little else on. I love all styles of stockings but my favourites are those with RHT and black seams. But I do love these white stockings Astrid is wearing.

So whats my fantasy? It would be knowing where Astrid was out in public posing in her stockings. Me in a position where you could flash the tops of her stockings in a subtle manor. Perhaps she wouldn’t know where I was sitting nearby. Perhaps a coffee shop, or just sitting in a park. She would get up to leave, I would follow, Astrid would look around to see me following and know that I was behind her and that I would follow her all the way home. We wouldn’t speak to each other but she would show me the tops of her legs whenever possible, perhaps revealing more. Once home, I would pull her sexy body close to mine and start to kiss her all over. The rest gets a lot more passionate and naughty from there.

Getting more to the point - I love love love to go down on a girl who is wearing stockings, their silky stockings and boot clad legs(?) wrapped around my head, metal clasps cold against my face, then my face down in her crotch, enjoying every bit of her pussy. The best position for this is 69. We can then both enjoy having our face or mouth full of each other. I would lick Astrid’s legs and pussy all day if I could.


Stocking mistress torments her male sex slave

July 23rd, 2014

From divine bitches, compliant men bitches yield to female control at the power of mythical dominatrix and the group of expert plus ruthless women.

Ladies will be usually on top in divine bitches. Merely viewing the site, males admit that they are nothing, and acknowledge the utter simple fact with womans supreme power. Gentlemen turn out to be desperate slut boys for any satisfaction of adult females, their penis, balls, bums plus teeth readily available torment in addition to oral servitude.

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Emma from Emmas Nylon Paradise showing us her stocking covered feet

July 21st, 2014

Do you have a stocking fetish eh? Me too! So does Emma from Emma’s Nylons. Lucky for us. I love the way they feel, look and even taste! My imagination is good too and always keen to try new things.  I find myself day dreaming all sorts of fantasies when seeing Emma’s nylons nice long legs in stockings. I also  have big thing for feet. So I love these exclusive pictures of Emma’s stocking covered feet. I would love to go and worship Emma’s feet . Maybe she would let me wash her feet for her and get them all nice and soapy. Then get to work massaging and licking Emma’s toes running my tongue from the heel to the top. Then lick in-between each toe spending lots of time on each toe gently sucking and nibbling on each one and savouring the taste. Or clean Emma’s feet after her hard day at work or shopping, cleaning them with my tongue. What would you do to Emma if you got your hands on her sexy stocking covered legs and feet?


Sandy in a stocking fetish gallery wearing a french maid outfit, black f/f nylons. Lots of tease and stockings play

July 19th, 2014

Ok so i have a fetish! 2 actually, stockings and heels! I love to see a suspender under a skirt on the train, just knowing that shes wearing stockings makes me so hard! The sensual look of the leg clad in silk or nylon, oh just to feel, a touch, thinking of the lace that may be at the top, holding the stocking up on the thigh! And then a seamed stocking, mmm straight up the back of the leg, from the heel to the crease of a bum cheek.

I have had a serious fetish for them every since as a sixth former sat in the library one lunchtime, a girl in the upper sixth form was sat opposite me and I could see the lacy top of her skin coloured stockings just below her very short skirt. I could see the lacy tops on both legs, it was so very very sexy. She knew I was looking and she knew what I could see. She made sure I could see more as she moved forward in her seat and made her skirt ride up higher to reveal more of her upper thighs, oh so very very sexy.

The stockings I like best, obviously ones with lacy tops, and the ones with the ties at the top with a little bow at the back. I love fishnets of all colours and sized mesh, I like the ones with the seam at the back.

There is nothing better than having a girl on the bed, naked but with stocking on, the foreplay of feeling her feet and then slowly moving down the legs, over the knees, and along the thigh until you reach the stocking tops. The the transition to bare flesh as one moves towards your pussy is pure heaven. Just like in these exclusive pictures of Sandy dressed up as a French maid.

Would you like having Sandy stocking clad legs wrapped around you as you slowly fuck?  I simply love feeling a girls legs with stockings on, I could just do that for hours with Sandy, it turns me on so much. I would then rub my hard cock all over the lacy tops, feels soo good and makes my cock super hard. Watch the full length movie here

Fully fashioned black stockings, panties and balloon movie. Something for everyone

July 17th, 2014

I often choose to play all around wearing hosiery, not at all times in a sexual way. The truth is I wear stockings, essentially constantly and love to do a great deal of things that is fun, however , not sexual. For instance currently I am using these dark-colored fully fashioned hosiery,, with a corset along with black full back knickers and I will be sitting on balloons until eventually they will pop. See when I bounce down and up in my knickers till the balloons burst open. I think what works really well is the contrast between your dark stockings, and also the red and light red balloons..You can watch this video in my premium members area. Join me now


wife in stockings gets fucked outside in public

July 15th, 2014

In these special pics obtained from dogging after dark you’ll find a Uk M. I. L. F in black nylons being banged by a number of men outside and inside the back of a vehicle. Stockings are often the choice of swinging wives and swingers which get invloved in swinging outside. Since every person understands that men love fucking a wife in nylons. Visit dogging after dark here.

dogging is actually a Uk name with regard to engaging in sexual acts in a semi-open spot (typically any secluded car or truck park) or seeing other people doing so. Usually, there are actually more than a pair of participants; group sexual intercourse and from time to time also gang bangs can easily take place. The two groups of men and women included usually meet either at random or even arrange to meet-up beforehand using the world wide web using a dogging web page such as this kind of webpage.

dogging can be nearly anything from putting on a display from inside your own vehicle, through to sexual intercourse while Doggers observe and also maybe join in. Everything depends on just what exactly you’re seeking. dogging consists of exhibitionism along with voyeurism and this blend goes in conjunction. The voyeurs are generally adult men and the exhibitionists are generally generally partners or even adult females who seem to love to attract attention and frequently invite men to join in with these individuals fucking.

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Nurses uniforms, rubber, stockings, hot wax and subs. Lots of kinky fetishes covered in this movie

July 13th, 2014

I love to experiment with some warm wax on a slave. especially one who has this kind of good bum as Danni has. Watch when the very hot light wax falls on to Danni’s dark brown body, it pretty much looks like cum. I have my own servant Danni dressed in nothing but charcoal stockings plus a suspender belt. I am wearing stockings with a rubberized nurses uniform. Sub Danni is known for a terrific bum I am sure you’ll agree. There’s no doubt that it looks great all covered in very hot wax. Just what exactly do you think? Danni definitely got loads of enjoyment in addition to plenty of pain from the hot wax on her bottom.

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Stockings diary is simply the best and most original stockings blog on the net

July 11th, 2014

Stockings diary is a very famous stocking blog for those of us who love stockings and have a real stockings fetish. It is all hand written by Sabrina who is the nets number one stocking model. I am not sure what it is about sabrina, but she is a real star and looks fucking hot in all her own home made stocking fetish movies and pictures. Plus she has some great stories. If you like this movie then take a look at stockings diary here.

“Everyone has gone home and the office is now empty. I have decided to give my office a clean. I also know that everyone has gone home and the only people left is the security guards who are watching the offices on their TV screens. So I have decided to give them a proper show. It isn’t fair that they miss all the pantie and stocking flashing fun in the day time is it?

Danica Collins in stockings bending over and showing us her ass.

July 9th, 2014

Stockings on a lady are not just classy, but beyond sexy and can make a man fall to his knees. Well, that’s how they make me feel. What I really love is to see a woman in them, particularly either with a garter belt or suspenders - this is a massive turn on for me and I love the idea of being able to touch and feel the smoothness of the material. I love women in stockings. I love to run my hands all over legs when women are wearing them. It really turns me on to see a woman wearing stockings and I am within a few inches of touching them. And if she is wearing a short skirt and I can see them just end at the thigh, that turns me on. Well Danica Collins is a lady who loves to dress up in stockings. You can see on her own personal website what else she gets up to while wearing stockings. Danica Collins loves young men to fuck her and fuck her hard. Her own personal porn is all about her dressing up in sexy stockings and lingerie and finding young and very hung studs to fuck her. In these personal pictures, Danica Collins is just showing us what a great ass she has and what great legs she has in stockings. They are great as well


Stocking wearing nurse fucked in the clinic by a fucking machine

July 7th, 2014

Currently I have to take a visit to the fucking machine hospital dressed in this rubberized nurses costume along with a pair of nylons obviously. Obviously it’s all filmed for this great fucking machine web site. However before I put on any patients whom want to be able to find out how it really is to get banged hard, We firstly must check out this fucking machine. Watch me as I get banged hard, simply by this specific Anaconda fucking machine. We do certainly possess the additional aspect of me dressed up like a nurse in plastic plus nylons. You have an awesome frontal view and discovering slutty nurse Sabrina laying on my front, griping my shoes & fucked from behind. The scene in which I grab my heels for getting shagged has become the most intense orgasmic pleasure I have ever had. visit sabrina Stockings to watch the full length movie

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what would you do to be Lady Sonias stocking sex slave?

July 5th, 2014

Lady Sonia

please permit this letter of application. I am a single submissive male. I am educated, sociable, articulate and discreet. Ii am also in desperate need of a Mistress like you Lady Sonia to serve and worship. I have many fetish and Fem Dom interests but I must confess a huge fetish for feet (footwear and stockings).

It would be an honour to crawl beneath and prostrate myself at your feet as I bring my lips to your feet. From this position I would happily spend hours kissing and licking your feet (or footwear). Alternatively I could bathe and massage your feet before applying nail polish. Ii would also welcome to opportunity to kneel behind you and pay respectful homage to your arse. In fact I would like to French kiss it.

Please, please, please allow me the honour of this position as it is something I need to do. I am naturally submissive and it is in such humiliating acts that I can express my true devotion and awe of women. As an addendum I would also love the privilege of polishing and maintaining your footwear to the high standards your feet deserve.

I’m a genuine submissive who is eager to please. I have a fetish for feet and for worshipping women. I have always been looking for something different. I’m intrigued by power exchange and love aspects of play that reflect this. I’m generous and would hope my submission to you would be to your benefit.

I love the thought of being on my knees at the feet of a beautiful Mistress – looking up at you, hypnotised by your slow, seductive rotations of your foot. Leaving myself utterly open that you can tease and manipulate me into doing whatever you desire given the desire I have for the reward of worshipping you feet, kissing your legs and adoring your arse. I can imagine you making me beg and work for my reward – keeping me on the edge. Watch the full length Lady Sonia movie here


Schoolgirl in stockings flashing her red panties at her desk

July 3rd, 2014

I have a passion for classic rht and ff stockings I have always had a love of nylons as far as i can remember.there’s something really erotic about the female foot and legs in these classic stockings. the silky touch of these nylons really turn me on and I absolutely adore women who wear them. I must admit to really enjoying pampering classic stocking clad feet and legs and to receiving foot jobs and all manner of nylon sexy fun. Ive always really enjoyed my love of nylons. Take a look at this sexy Secretary in her stockings. i just love the up skirt panty flashing that she is doing at her desk. I myself have been looking at this type of fetish for a long time. I just love stockings and tights, all type. nylon seamed stockings, silk stockings ,fishnet,lacy stockings. i also love tights the way they shape round the bottom, I would love to lick, suck and kiss feet and legs in stockings. But what I really love is secretaries in stockings flashing at their desks. McKenzies  has many such sexy ladies. They have Crochet Thigh High Stockings, Fishnet, Thigh High Stockings with Satin Bow, Stay Up Fishnet Thigh High Stockings, Nylon Stockings. schoolgirls, teachers, nurses and maids in stockings pantyhose. teachers and college girls flashing, teachers fucking, lesbian college girls and teachers. Just a fucking huge amount of hot sexy stockings and pantyhose in stockings and out of stockings.


Mistress in stockings wants a new slave to worship her feet. I will apply

July 1st, 2014

I have a weakness for shapely stockinged legs in high heels. Just the sound of stilettos clicking on a hard floor makes me go weak at the knees. There is nothing I enjoy more than showing my appreciation for such beauty by falling to the floor and tenderly pressing my lips to your feet. If you want someone to lavish your feet with devoted attention then I am indeed up to the task. I have spent many happy hours on my hands and knees tenderly adoring the feet and footwear of haughty ladies and they have always been impressed with my enthusiasm and stamina. I would be delighted to kiss every inch of your shoes, to lick the soles clean and suck deeply on the heel.

Once due reverence has been shown to your footwear I would be delighted to move on and worship your feet themselves. Whether clad in shimmery smooth nylon or naked you can be assured that my mouth will not rest until you are completely satisfied. My tongue will wrap itself around all of your toes and sweetly embrace each one. I will slowly lick around the insteps and your arches and kiss them lovingly whilst stroking your calves. You are of course more than welcome to rub your feet all over my face or prod me with the tips of your heels, and I would be delighted to crawl around on the floor after you like an obedient puppy being called to heel. You will find my lips will do anything in order to please the owner of red painted toes at the end of a curvaceous leg.

Once you have me wrapped around your little finger I will need no prompting to slowly run my tongue up the back of you legs until my face is buried between your buttocks and my lips are pressed tightly to your arse. Worshiping the feet of lady is always a delight for so it is only when I kissing her arse that I feel that I am truly paying homage to her. My desire to please means that I will endeavor to treat your arse with as much reverence as your feet. Watch the full length movie here

Take a look at the stockings forum

June 29th, 2014

We have launched a new stockings forum. Where we will be posting pictures and you can also post pictures. Also talk with other stocking lovers about stockings. Plus much more. It is brand new and I am adding loads of great stockings porn. So pop by today and say hi!

We have loads of forums and posters including:

Ladies In Stockings (520 Viewing) Genral talk about ladies in stockings. You can post pictures (as long as you own them) comment on peoples pictures and also comment on the galleries I make. Meet other stocking fans. But please keep it friendly


Lady Sonia Stockings, fem dom and cuckold forum (301 Viewing) Lady Sonia the webs most famous unfaithfull wife with her very own forum. Post If you are into sexy milf ladies in stockings and pantyhose, cuckold husbands, fem dom and more, then this is the forum for you. Post pictures, make contacts but do not post lady sonia site passwords!


Stocking Site Reviews (48 Viewing) I will be reviewing all the nicest stocking sites I can find. These will be honest reviews that will tell you exactly what you will get at the site. Plus I will include samples from the stocking sites.


Best Places To Buy Stockings (14 Viewing) Places you know where they sell great stockings. Please no spam


Men in stockings (21 Viewing) Sissy men, bi or straight men or gay men. If you like to wear stockings and like to see men in stockings or talk to men or women about you or men wearing stockings then this forum is for you


The ultimate kinky fetish contacts site

June 27th, 2014

“I  have submissive fantasies, but every time I try to describe them to a man, he doesn’t get me. Men treat me like a princess in my daily life, because I am attractive and somewhat innocent looking, but my inner feelings are anything but innocent.

I’ve gone as far as telling a man exactly what I want, but because he’s not dominant at his core, he doesn’t get it. I want to be a mans slut….his fuck toy….to be taken and used…violated…..possessed….and nobody understands that. I also want to be respected at the same time….and NOBODY understands that concept or thought process. It’s frustrating….I know. I’ve tried explaining my thoughts and I get the “you’re a freak” reaction. You and I both know we aren’t freaks Hope to hear from you…” is the only U.K BDSM and kinky Fetish dating & contacts site that is actually run by BDSM & Fetish enthusiasts. Are you trying to find that certain kinky person who will fully submit to your kinky or perverted wants and needs.



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